This application is a must-have for all people that really love their iPhone or iPod. And nothing is as bad as losing it with all the stored data, contacts and applications.

FoundMe lets you store your name, your "secondary" contact telephone number, an e-mail address and a message to the person who may find your device (i.e. a reward when returned). Or you may also provide a short notice for a case of emergency.

All information stored will be shown directly on the wallpaper that will be displayed every time the device is turned on even if it's pass-code protected.

And because the text should fit perfectly into your favourite wallpapers you can drag'n'drop it into the right place and rotate it by 90 degree. Moreover the colour and the transparency of the text and a possible background strip can be adjusted.

To make the decision for the wallpaper even more difficult we included a small FoundMe Photo Gallery and a link to the famous wallpaper gallery into the application.

So you can browse the galleries, choose your wallpaper and label it easily in one App.

And finally as a speciality of FoundMe you may send a push notification with a special alarm sound to your iPhone or iPod. This can be done within the FoundMe Online Portal for which you may register for free directly in the application. During registration a special link to this portal will be sent to you for this purpose.

Even if your iPhone or iPod is pass-code protected the message can be received by the finder of your device directly on the screen. If there is no such protection the push even opens a special page with the pushed message and all the stored data and provides the possibility to call your "secondary" contact telephone number or write an e-mail.